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LASER – Junor Singles

LASER – Junior Doubles

LASER – Senior Singles

  Note: Races to be raced in general accordance with World Sailing Racing Rules 2021-2024.

FEES (click here to purchase a Racing Permit)

• Junior Seasonal Racing Permit: $40 (for non-members)
• Senior Seasonal Racing Permit: $40 (includes 3 days of racing, for non-members)
• Senior Single Day Racing Permit: $20 (for non-members)
• RYC Members & Staff: No Fee
• Boat Rental (Seniors): $20/race day (Only pay AFTER reservation granted) – see offical pages below
NOTE: All Fees must be paid BEFORE RACING
PAYMENT: Monday-Friday at RYC Office, on Website or with Cash on Race Day at Skipper’s Meeting


For Race Days: Refer to Official RYC Calendar


Saturdays, Jul/Aug – Junior Singles & Doubles (most weekends)
Sundays, Jul/Aug – Senior Singles (3 race days total)
All races are to be assumed to be running as scheduled!


Unfavourable Weather Conditions may interfere with the race schedule.
Delays/Cancellations will be conveyed on the morning of race day via email/text.


9am Rig Up / Opening of RYC Sail Shed (for Racers using Club Boats)
10am Skippers Meeting (on RYC Deck)

•  New Racer Sign Up
• Admission Fees & Boat Rental must be paid BEFORE Racing (if applicable)
• General Racing Rules review (Juniors)
• Racing Tactics “Tip of the Day” (Juniors)
• Review of Racecourse
• Review of Race Starting Sequence:

White Flag Up – Racers to the race area
@5min to Start: White Flag Down (Horn/Whistle)
@4min to Start: Blue Flag Up (Horn/Whistle)
@1min to Start: Blue Flag Down (Horn/Whistle)
@Start: Red Flag Up & Horn/Whistle


3 Races per Class typically, however number may vary.
Race Starting Sequence will commence when all Racers have assembled in staging area at Race Line

Post Race

“Greatest Hits” meeting (on RYC Deck) to address any Racing Rules Protests and
review Lessons Learned from Races.

FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS, please refer to Official Fees and Admission Pages:

• RYC Junior Racing Fees and Admission Criteria 2022-04-20
• RYC Senior Racing Fees and Admission Criteria 2022-04-20
Basic Racing Rules


Contact or Call/Text 226-627-9553