At Rondeau Yacht Club, we have an exceptional sailing program.  Our instructors are CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) Certified, and teach the the CYA “CANSail” program curriculum, where students can earn certification from Level 1 to 4.

Class sizes are governed by the CYA, and the small student to instructor ratio ensures your children learn in the best possible environment.

Our Club’s primary teaching boat is the Laser, whose class makes up one of the world’s largest one-design dinghy racing fleets.  Other boats in our club’s instructional fleet are the Optimist, 420 and the Wayfarer.

An integral component of our sailing program is competition.  Racing not only forms part of our daily instructional program, but also takes place on the weekends.  Weekend racing is open to all (young and old, novice and experienced) Laser sailors, and takes place either in Rondeau Bay or on the open waters of Lake Erie, depending on wind direction and water conditions.


Rondeau Yacht Club’s Swimming Program classes are held in the naturally warm and shallow waters of Rondeau Bay.  The challenges offered by learning to swim in a natural environment create a strong and more skilled swimmer.  Our instructors are fully trained and certified, and teach following the curriculum as set out by the Royal Lifesaving Society.


Rondeau Yacht Club’s Canoeing Program integrates learning skills of canoeing while at the same time fostering an appreciation and understanding for the natural beauty of Rondeau Provincial Park and its fragile environment.  Furthermore, the RYC canoeing program follows the curriculum set out by the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (ORCA), from which our instructors receive their teaching certification.


Windsurfing, a recent addition to the RYC program, has long been enjoyed in the waters of Rondeau Bay.  The first windsurfer appeared on the Bay in the early 80’s, and the popular sport in Rondeau has grown steadily since.  While sitting on the RYC deck overlooking the Bay, it is not uncommon on a windy, southwest day, to see dozens of windsurfers skimming across the waves.

The RYC’s Learn to Windsurf program teaches participants the necessary theory and practical skills that will enable most people to be up and sailing in just a couple of hours.  In addition, the windsurfing equipment that RYC uses for instruction is the best teaching equipment available today, and as in all RYC programs, our Windsurfing Instructors are experienced and fully certified.


The RYC is committed to accessibility.  The Club building and dock are both accessible via inclined ramps. In addition to our regular programming, we have developed the Access Boom program, which offers the sailing camp experience to individuals with special needs. We maintain a fleet of specialized sailboats that can accommodate individuals with physical disabilities, including those who require a personal support worker.  Registration for this specialized program is facilitated through our community partners, Chatham-Kent Special Populations and the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent.


Not only does RYC offer Sailing, Windsurfing, Swimming and Canoeing programs, we also provide a social program and leadership opportunities for Club members and their families.  Weekly activities for all members and their families are organized and run by the Rondeau Yacht Club Junior Board (which is made up of RYC participants), with the assistance of Adult Advisors and willing helpers.  Some of the summer events organized by the Junior Board include:

  • World Records night
  • Holiday Party (Christmas, Easter or Halloween themed)
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Staff Appreciation Night
  • Movie Nights

Information on each social event can be found in the summer calendar.

All RYC junior members 10 years of age and older are welcome to join the Junior Board and attend the lunchtime planning meeting.

In addition to Junior Board events, there are several Adult focused events throughout the summer months which include:

  • Adult Sailing, Windsurfing and Canoeing lessons